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Tatooed Man: Maria has the same power that resides in Elizabeth, and she has power over K'Warra in the same way that Elizabeth does. She, however, is on our side. With all of us joining forces, we may be able to quickly strike the Queen and stop her forces before their final assault is launched. *He gestures behind him* Some of our own have already infiltrated her court. Elizabeth is gathering her army. They march tomorrow.

*One of the other tatooed figures places glasslike crystals on the temple floor. A large, wavy image appears.

A huge army is gathered in front of a large palace of towers, chanting. On a high overhang, Elizabeth emerges. She removes her crown and her robe, clothed apparently only in blinding, brilliant green light. A rank of archers raises their bows at her and fire. Arrows shatter and rebound off the light surrounding their queen. The light dims and some of the arrows sink into her bare flesh. Appearing briefl like a human pincushion, Elizabeth casually pulls the arrows out and tosses them aside. She then raises her hands, and the archers stop firing.

One of Elizabeth's companions, clothed completely in black armor, shouts* See the power of Elizabeth the Great, the untouchable! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

*The crowd and army takes up the chant*

Tattooed Man: If we do not work together, your world is lost. Leaders of Mrear, what do you say?

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