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I have seen this issue on a number of other forums. NOBODY seems to really know how to get this to work. Just to be sure we are all on the same page here. What is the purpose or renaming the jampconfig.cfg to autoexec.cfg? Also be aware that the jampconfig.cfg only effects multiplayer games. It does nothing for SP games. The SP file is jaconfig.cfg. Both of these files are located in your base folder.

Now, I have tried about everything I have seen in a number of forums, including this one. None of them have worked. I have also noticed that most of these posts are pre 1.01 patch. So, How do you do it when you have your game patched?

What are the methods for getting dismemberment to work in SP mode and MP mode?

Please be specific in your answer. Thanks!!

Crow: You need to work on communication a little son. It took me awhile to figure out that you were simply renaming a file to get your autoexec.cfg file. You never said that in your previous posts. I was also looking for this file you speak of only to find out that it doesn't exist and isn't installed by the game. Again? What is the purpose behind renaming it in the first place?

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