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I had forgotten an old friend of mine kept a book of stupidness...

Her favorite was the "english" teacher once said...I'm not kidding...


as well as


meh. gotta run...damm school ripping me away from what's important...

EDIT BTW, its not really saying something stupid, technically, but I think its sort of stupid anyway.

An italian pizzarea(SP?!) not too far from me decided to go Mediterranian on the outside.

But instead of atleast getting imitation whatever-Mediterranian-stone, they just used orange and pink splotches all over the building. It looks HIDEOUS. Not only that, they left the neon sign and the clearly American awning up.

That, my friends, is a stupid thing...

OOOH! OOOH! no one mentioned this one!

"Define truth"--Bill Clinton...teh bane of Americans everywhere...

EDIT okay, one more thing...

...ever since we started in Iraq, France hates us (the US) now. So around here, they call french bread and french fries freedom bread and freedom fries. WTF? Are us Americans that spiteful? Bah.

Me, personally, I love the French. Vive la francais!

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