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There was a bar on Bakura. It was not just the only bar on Bakura, of course. The planet had them in several points.

And it was not a particularly special bar, either. It was dirty and grimy, and the glasses did not look to be in the best state of cleanliness.

Jamis Yon wrinkled his nose at the drink that was brought to him by the pretty and rather flirtatious waitress. He didn't like being here, but this was where he remembered his parent's bar being. He felt almost... naked, though, without the lightsabers at his side. He'd had to leave them in a small storage compartment, hidden behind a lot of junk in his fighter.

He sniffed the drink. It smelled like a combination of droid oil and turpentine. He set it away from him, and looked around.

From what he remembered from his days as a youth, he'd sat behind that bar often, staying out of his Dad's way as he served the customers. His father'd been good about not giving anyone too much to drink. That wasn't the way he did business.

Of course, some had gotten a bit violent when he wouldn't serve them. He'd always been good about handling those situations, too. Jamis wondered what had happened since he'd been gone that had changed this place. He took his drink, untouched, with him and moved to the bar. The bartender came up to him.

"You got a problem with that drink, boy?" the man growled. Jamis looked at it.

"I'm not really interested in it." he said. The man blinked, confudsedly. To forestall any stupid questions, Jamis went on. "I'm looking for Grogrin and Halia Yon. They used to own this bar."

The man gave him a measured look. "Who are you?"

Jamis decided to lie. "I'm the executor of the will of their son, Jamis. The young man died recently, and I'm trying to locate his parents, who are the beneficiaries."

The man looked at him. "Man, that's gonna be tough. Losing a son."

Jamis coughed. "Do you know anything that could help me?"

The man shook his head. "Naw. Maybe Mr. Dreflo would know." seeing Jamis' confused look, he added "He's the manager."

Jamis nodded. "If you could tell me how to get to him?" The bartender called over the waitress and had her take him up a small set of stairs to the upper floor.

In Dreflo's office, Jamis coughed politely. Dreflo, who'd been doing some paperwork, looked up. He had a narrow face, messy black hair, and was as skinny as a rail. He stood up and took Jamis' hand for a handshake.

"Urich called up and told me about you. " he said, waving a hand when Jamis began to explain why he was there. "I've just been looking, and found the address you want out of some old public records." He handed Jamis a piece of flimsy with an address written down on it. Jamis thanked the man and turned to leave.

"I hope you find her. She needs all the help she can get." Jamis, about to leave, turned around. "Mr. Yon's dead?" he asked.

"Dead for nearly a decade and a half. That was when I bought the bar from Mrs. Yon. See, Jamis Yon was kidnapped one day, jsut lifted away. They never did find out what happened to him. Although," he paused, and a crafty look came into his face "Seeing as how you're the executor of his will, you must know what happened to him."

Jamis nodded. "Yes, I do. And no, I'm not at liberty to tell you. There are laws I must abide by." Dreflo nodded. Jamis held up the piece of paper. "Once more, thank you for your help." He walked out the the door, holding the piece of flimsy like it might explode.

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