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((Wildjedi: Easy thing to do is have your characters on a planet (just pick one), they could be in a middle of a job, just starting or just ending. Doesn't matter you decide. Main thing is you need to set your characters up somewhere, then I'm sure someone will hire them ect.))

Asgard: Valhalla, tournament grounds

*The sun just set on Valhalla. Soon Odin would unviel the new Viking fighters. Soon Odin would recieve a gift from his daughters.

When the night sky was completly dark, the cermony began.*

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."

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As Odin says in the Hovamal:
"Praise no day 'til evening; no wife 'til on her pyre; no sword 'til tested;
no maid 'til bedded; no ice 'til crossed;
no ale 'til drunk."
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