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As Jamis walked down the stairs, he noticed that four Sith officers had now entered the bar, they where ordering there drinks.

"Give us some drinks, and they better be on the house! We're Sith." Said one, smirking as he patted the Sith Assasin pistol at his waist. "Err...Y-Yes sir!" The bartender quickly cleaned the glass to perfection - Something he rarely ever did, and poured them there drinks. "H-hear, I hope you enjoy it! On the house of course..." The Bartender stuttered.

"Good. I think I'll let you live then." The Sith said. The bartender whiped some sweat from his brow. "Actually, I reconsider!" The Sith spoke again, a wide grin on his face, pulling out his assasin pistol and blowing a hole right thru the bartenders chest. Several people gasped in horrar and backed up againts the wall.

"Thats right! You better fear us! We're Officers of the Sith empire! For haveing to share the same room with scum such as you, I think we deserve a donation, don't you agree?"

Several of them nodded with fright in there eyes, throwing there credits on the ground. "What? Do I look like a dog? Do you expect me to fetch it?! Bring it to me!!" He said, shooting one of the people who threw there credits.
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