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*Davin throws off his shoulder hoster for his shotgun, then his trenchcoat, M79. ad rounds for it, even his sword. He takes some steps to the side of them, his face showing nothign but anger about him.

Talon continued to abserve Davin.

Davin hunches over like trying to muster out pain as his joints pop and alter, his claws grow back out to the dangerious length, teeth as well, along with his wingspan. However a new addition, or at least had been hidden due to the trenchcoat, a long, thin tail, complete with a strange arrowhead at the very end that seemed to retract.

Eyes literaly flaring, his mouth even splits, widening it barely, showing that he had a whole set of teeth altered to of that of a carnivorious creature, sneering a twisted grin at Talon.*

Talon "Indeed you are a monster, but still a pathetic creature none the less." 'Although I'm sure of it that, that is Davin I sens enot Goliath...'

*After the comment Davin charges at Talon at near lightning speed, Talon evades easily. This only makes Davin even more angry, chargng again and again at Talon. Each time uncontested.*

Talon "I am satisfied with you now."

*Talon whom stood roughly 15 meters away thrusts his right hand at Davin, morphing his arm into a feather covered one, much much much larger then it was before, at the end a large birdlike claws, grabed Davin, and pinned him on the ground.*

Talon *showing little stress from his slight transfermation* "You see Davin, if time had anything to do with our kind's powers increasing, I have well over five hundred years on you."

*Davin laid there, eyes wide, in shock at that, but showing clear signs that his transformation only made his mind briefly simplier, but only thing he can do is lay there and snarl.

Talon picks up Davin.*

Talon "You are truely a simple creature. Lucky for me I am always prepared for anything, hene why no one has come to help you, alike that temple you left this one has a magical spell on it too, not so unlike the other. But this one I can do pretty much anything, and no one would know it."

*Talon slams Davin back down on the ground, causing him to scream in pain. Talon lets go and lets his arm to return to its previous size.*

Talon "You have no idea what it is like ot be a full demon, If your mind can relise it, this isn't my true appearence."

*Talon begins to leave, stops breifly to throw a red handkerchief which lands lightly on Davin's chest.*

Talon "Davin you have until next morning until you ahve to make your desision, you know as well as I do after then you won't have control over yourself unless you make your decision... Chimera, let's leave."

*After they leave, Davin had already slowly reverted, his mouth healed, and some wounds healed. He still had blood on him. He grabed the piece of fabric, with his left hand, he smelt something familar on it. The sent of someone whom he was close to when he was alive meny centuries before.*

Davin *looking up at the cressant moon* "Tomarrow night, like always I'll be more valnerable. During the new moon... I hate those nights."

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