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Tarila Vilnov paced the bridge of her ship impatiently. The giant black ship was in orbit above the planet Hoth, where her brother was completing an assignment. She would have gone with him, but at a time like this, the best place for her to be was on the ship.

Nom had taken a shuttle to the surface and was in the process of leaving a large box in one of the abandoned shelters there. It was a box full of surveilance equipment, the best Nom and Tarila could find. Their client would be very pleased.

Nom took the shuttle back to the ship and docked. He was greeted by one of their holographic crew and went immediately to the bridge. When he got there, Tarila ran to him and gave him a big hug.

"What took you so long?" she demanded. He laughed.

"Such a heavy box can't be expected to go anywhere fast," he answered. "Our client will be happy with the equipment, though, so it was worth it."

"Should we stay in orbit for a bit?" Tarila questioned. Nom thought about it for a moment and nodded.

"It can't hurt to know who the other intermediary is," he answered. They were to drop the equipment off at Hoth where it would be picked up by somebody else before going to the real client.

After a few moments, another ship came out of hyperspace. This one went straight for the surface, but pulled back when the pilot saw Nom and Tarila's ship.

"Identify yourself," the other ship hailed. Nom grinned.

"You're outgunned," he answered. "Just get the box and get out of here."

"Should we let him know our real mission?" Tarila asked quietly. Nom shook his head.

"He'll know soon enough," he answered. The other ship sped to the surface and returned a while later. Finding Nom and Tarila still there, he hailed them again.

"Now, will you identify yourself?" he asked. Nom laughed.

"Sure," he said. "We'll identify ourselves! Meet Nom and Tarila Vilnov, the ones who made an end to your life!"

The smaller ship had no time to respond, not even to raise shields. The powerful laser bolts lashed out from the larger ship, completely vaporizing the smaller, with the help of the box of 'equipment', which was really a box of explosives.

Tarila stared at the empty space before them and turned to Nom.

"Back to Coruscant?" she asked. He nodded slowly.

"Back to Coruscant," he answered.

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