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*RH Irvine kneels in the street, hurting but more emotionaly, regreting the thought of what he said about the innocents.

WH Irvine walks out and puts his hand on his shoulder*

WH Irvine "You did what you had to do, it's him who's the guilty one."

RH Irvine "Yes, and it's not only going to be him that'll have to deal with his or herself after all of this."

WH Irvine "Deal with what."

RH Irvine "Our sanity. If we keep going through things like this would or wouldn't we be able to continue if things like this keep testing our morale and for mere capablity to deal when someone just snaps under so much pressure. Going agenst comrades or enemies in so much numbers and so much power that we can not combat..."

WH Irvine *stopping RH Irvine* "Look you're right about having a 'hunch' about this if anything it coudl ahve been your or me doing this, and who knows the implecations that would ahve happened. We need to find out how to stop all this."

RH Irvine "I know Cracern, I know."

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