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Heimdall: You would be surprised at what happened to their armor, but that can be explained later. My armor, Svafa's and Idun's al have a special ablility. Notice this ring on my hand.

*Lifting his hand, Heimdall utters a spell. The armor becomes molten and moves along Heimdall's arm into the ring. A couple of minutes passed and the armor is completly absorbed by the ring. Heimdall now stands wearing only his arming jacket and pants.*

Heimdall: There, now to do this morphing.

*Heimdall concentrates and begins to morph into the weazle*


Svafa *hearing Elella's calls*: Sounds like Orthos's cousin isn't dea after all. Let's go find her.


*The girl finally regained consciouness and looked with wonder at her new surrondings. Idun opened the door after checking on the mysterious anomly.*

Idun: Good morning child. Who are you?

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