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Originally posted by MajikMyst
Crow: You need to work on communication a little son. It took me awhile to figure out that you were simply renaming a file to get your autoexec.cfg file. You never said that in your previous posts. I was also looking for this file you speak of only to find out that it doesn't exist and isn't installed by the game. Again? What is the purpose behind renaming it in the first place?
The autoexec.cfg sets everything including dismemberment on the moment you load a map, but i just did some experiment, dismemberment doesnt work if you load a save game or start a new game.

But it will work if you load a map using the "devmap [mapname]" cheat.

OPJ 0.0.4 also has a new option that allows you to choose saber dismemberment.

PS: I apologise for my bad communication, i dont really know how to explain it

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