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Carl Shutt says I'm trolling.....oh the sweet irony.

For the uninformed, Carl refers to me being banned from the old Lucasfans site, which if my memory serves me correct gets roughly as many visits as his current Lucasfans forum. Anyhow, a friend of mine called Seph had posted a message telling all the site regulars about a new site he was working on. Carl proceded to lay into the site, informing everyone of how pitiful it was. I was a newbie at the time and dared to question Carls right to be so nasty. As I was a newbie Carl and his buddies decided to lay into me and tell me in the 'nicest' way possible how I had no right to disagree or even question the Shuttmeister - being that he'd been on the site since 1964*, and had taken root along with a bunch of dafodills and a small conifer. I gave as good as I got in return, but eventually I was banned, more down to Shutt and co's persistence in whingeing about me than anything I was doing wrong.

What you'll find with Carl, is that he picks on the weak, people like Natty for example. People who he knows are easy to wind up in the first place. He has few nice things to say about people or their work, and strangely I don't recall him ever joining in a thread where someone was feeling down - just to pick them up. If we trawl the site now and read all of Carls many negative ones would we find? Has Carl ever contributed any fan-art or showed us his talents? I don't know - someone tell me.

Sorry that I dare to find you annoying, arrogant and offensive Carl.....and ooopps.....sorry that I'm 'trolling', but your very presense annoys the sh*t out of me. You say I'm immature? Maybe I am.....but I know I've achieved a lot in life. I've worked my way up from being in the gutter, to having my own home, two beautiful kids, and my own business........but every now and then I can't help logging on and giving you a little ribbing......why? Because you're annoying and deserve it. Immature? Maybe - but still fun...

What have you achieved in life Carl? Why don't you tell us? I'm not claiming you haven't achieved anything, I'd just like to see a picture of the real you, as I've never seen it. I'd like to find out what drives you, what makes Carl Shutt - the person. When I rib you, half of me does it because you're a king sized prick - the other half because I'd like you to join in and have some fun - prove me wrong - prove to me you're not just a dead head pot smoker who sits in a room acting like a know it all on the internet all day.......why do I assume this? Well why not? I'm basing this on what I've seen.

I'm expecting one of three things to happen now. Either conveniently this thread will be closed - allowing Carl to slope off without opening up to us, or he'll either ignore me, or tell me to "f*ck off - and stop trolling, what's my life got to do with you".

Oh Carl - I only want to be your friend......after all - I do visit your wonderful city every couple of years.......tell you what - set the date and I'll meet you for a beer.....put all your bitterness to one side and let's see your human side!

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