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i understood that little paragraph about going to france...and i'm in french 2...

yeah, my french teacher has things she constantly says...such as...

"les pupitres qui touchent"
"assayez-vous, s'il vous plait!"
"mes amis! mes amis!"

sorry about the no accents...i was too lazy to try and find how to write the letters with the symbols.

oh yeah, someone did something the other day didn't say anything, but did something, but you have to hear the whole story...

last week, on monday-thursday, we had a different bus driver in the mornings because our bus driver couldn't make it. so on wednesday, our sub was going about 20 to 25 mph down the street, with no other cars in sight, and it's a four-lane street all the way across. we're coming up on the stoplight right near the college of dupage, and we're around 300 feet, i would say, away from the stop light. it turns yellow and the driver immediately hits the brakes.

i was thinking to myself, gimme a break, you could've kept going and stopped on a dime 5 feet from the light you were going so slow. it was so stupid.
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