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1. 18 (or 24) civs that are exactly the same, aside from a handful of UUs and bonuses (which don't take much comp space). They can pop these babies out without taxing the CPU at all. The only limit to civ size in games like AoK and RoN is balance. However, you want 8 civs with completely unique unit sets and building sets, with 3 variations each, and on top of that, a bunch more non-playable civs, which will also have unique unit sets, or atleast a generic set different from all the other games. That's double the number of the next highest games (WC3, AoM), plus additional civs and variations, and, if those other games can barely run on people's computers with good graphics, how do you think yours will fair.

2. What I said was that you didn't refute the arguement I posted there, just went on saying what I said you would say without addressing my counter.

3. You have not addressed this. Reread your freaking post. Not once do you say, "My ideas are dramatically different from RoN or C&C because...". Thats cause they aren't.

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