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Darkforces had weapons make you walk slower? I didn't know that!

I always somewhat dislike the idea myself because it struck me as illogical.

Why would holding a weapon make you walk slower if carrying it (in your backpack) wouldn't?

Though I suppose you could say that you have to "hold it steady" or something like that to justify making you move slower.

But then there's always Force Speed/Rage. ; )

The weapons on the clothes thing reminds me of the last two Indiana Jones games. In those you had the Machete on your back, gun in your holster, whip at your side, etc.

The only problem was that there were still so many weapons that it didn't show them all, only the more recent ones used (example: only one gun in the holster, only one big weapon on the back, and one on each hip).

Still, it was somewhat more realistic. I guess strategically that means you can't hide what weapons you're carrying, though somebody would have to get close to see exactly which ones.

I imagine the "lightsaber on the hip" thing would be a boon to roleplayers, though I wonder something...

Right now you have the "saber off" thing, but would the saber appear on your belt for saber off, or would it only do so when you've switch to something else (ie: gun, fists if its a mod that lets you use fists and saber together, etc)?

Even if it's not used in gameplay, something like this would certainly be useful in cutscenes and stuff like that.

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