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Re: Arithmetic Overflow

Originally posted by tk102
Version: KotOR Tool v1.0.1502.18035
Symptom: Arithmetic Overflow upon the following treeview navigation:

- Rims
- - global.rim
- - - appearance.2da (double-click)
This occurs because this particular 2da file does not follow the same file format as every other one I have ever come across.

Internally, the file format uses tab characters (ASCII 9) to separate field and row names, and each list is terminated with a null (ASCII 0).

This file uses nulls in place of tabs so when I look for the end of the list, I find it too soon and the wrong number of rows is calculated, hence the error.

I checked the file against the version in the BIFs section and they are otherwise identical.

Thanks for letting me know.
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