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Originally posted by RoyTordesLegend
For the uninformed, Carl refers to me being banned from the old Lucasfans site, which if my memory serves me correct gets roughly as many visits as his current Lucasfans forum. Anyhow, a friend of mine called Seph had posted a message telling all the site regulars about a new site he was working on. Carl proceded to lay into the site, informing everyone of how pitiful it was. I was a newbie at the time and dared to question Carls right to be so nasty. As I was a newbie Carl and his buddies decided to lay into me and tell me in the 'nicest' way possible how I had no right to disagree or even question the Shuttmeister - being that he'd been on the site since 1964*, and had taken root along with a bunch of dafodills and a small conifer. I gave as good as I got in return, but eventually I was banned, more down to Shutt and co's persistence in whingeing about me than anything I was doing wrong.
Nice revisionist history lesson, ****stick. Although you left out the part where, after even the forum regulars who couldn't stand me realised what an asshat you were, you signed up under a host of different accounts and pretended to be other people agreeing with yourself. And the part where, after you had been called out on your bull****, you started a moronic thread where you tried to excuse your trolling by claiming to be a college student writing a term paper on internet forums. And the part where, after finally being banned, you repeatedly skirted the ban and spammed the holy hell out of the forums so the front page was always filled with 30-40 threads titled "DONGLE IS BACK".

Originally posted by RoyTordesLegend
..... I gave up trying to be nice on the original forums, after a few posts, I just wasn't allowed into 'the gang' and so degenerated into wind up mode.....
Awwww. After "a few posts" we still wouldn't let you into our clubhouse, so you swore there and then you'd make us pay? And you're still acting out this childish vendetta four years after the fact? What a truly pathetic little man you are.
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