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Sorry for signing up a few supporters to make it feel less hopeless against you and your gang of halfwits Carl. That makes me a bad person. (Don't exagerrate so much though...)

You think this is a vendetta? Sorry Carl, but I'm afraid I just don't get upset enough about someone like you to have a vendetta. I just think you're a bit of a nob head, and find it challenging to my clearly far inferior IQ to annoy and expose you. I did genuinely try and get on with you when I decided to register here and found there was another Lucasfans site......but you're just such a complete have absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever.

Yes, I'm pathetic Carl...........once again you have either ignored or totally missed the point, being that you're so caught up in proving yourself to be a clever sh*te in the usual foul mouthed manner.

Fact is, that you carry absolutely no worth to these forums. And while I'm being hypocritical given this thread content, you do absolutely nothing to make people happy or promote a sense of community. Once again I ask you - what are your achievements in life, as a person, and will you share these with us? I, and I believe many of the people who you think of as beneath you on this forum, would like to know who the real Carl Shutt is, and why he thinks he's so much better than everyone else.

While I'm a none violent person, and try and avoid confrontation unless its absolutely necessary, if you spoke to me on the street the way you speak to people on these forums - I'd give you a smack in the teeth. But you wouldn't speak to me like that in person Carl - or to anyone else - because you're socially assumption...of course, but what else have you given us "commoners" to go on? Where's your photograph Carl? In all the post a picture threads - I've never seen one......I'm of the belief that it's because you're so ashamed of the way you look, that you won't post it because it'll ruin your hard as nails internet persona. Post your picture Carl - you'll find that we're not like you - we won't call you names and make fun of something that you're sensitive about.

Do you realise that some of the people you tread on, are very fragile? Do you realise that for some, the internet is their only way of making friends. Do you actually care when you make someone feel bad? You could argue that they shouldn't be so sensitive, but I'd argue that they shouldn't have a troublemaking prick going around looking for people to disagree with. How many people would like me to undertake the sad and labourious task of trawling through Carls posts and comparing how many times statistically he is negative/nasty/annoying/sarcastic compared to the Monkey Island forum average?

You're a real hypocrite when in comes to trolling. Myself and a lot of others notice how you pick and choose arguments to get involved in, then act as the "catalyst", winding up or pushing the opinion against someone you don't like. You contradict yourself when it suits you though, so I draw the conclusion that you simply enjoy arguing the toss.

So....Vendetta? I wouldn't waste my time, and I don't. I'd call it an amusing and interesting life game, to play during my limited spare time. For someone like you Carl, I'll actually make an effort not to like you, because you're a complete and utter waste of be a vendetta I'd have to hate you Carl....I don't hate you at all. I'd prefer to like you, but you make it so difficult for anyone to like you. Explain why Lucasfans has so few posts? I'd assume it's like the old site - you and a few others stamping your quite obscure personalities on the site so that few others actually want to join in? Those who want to join in but have different ideas are ignored or abused. tell me, like I asked in my second last post. What have you achieved? When did you struggle to overcome adversity? When did you go overcome grief to put food on the table? When did you save a life? When did you make something you were proud of? In fact most important of all....


Now unless you're going to open up and tell us a little about yourself, the real you - then don't bother replying. I'm more than happy to bury the hatchett, but you've proved before, and you'll probably prove again that you haven't the balls to be real man about it. The foul mouthed excuses about how you don't want to know someone like me will probably come thick and fast.

Post odds:-

2/1 - Message closed by mods - reason (if any) "stop trolling Roy Tordes"
5/2 - Carl posts "%% off, you %%^"
3/1 - Carl ignores this message
4/1 - Carl attempts to explain why I'm "not to be trusted"
200'000/1 - Ray Jones and Das Mole spontaniously combust at exactly the same time
250'000/1 - Carl buries the hatchett - and attempts to be nice for once in his life

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