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Originally posted by Naver Drolmai
I would like to use the Kotor Tool but I am getting the following error every time I try to expand the tree :

The currency separator information specified in the NumberFormatInfo is ambiguous for parsing

I assume that the win98 installation I am using has a currency separator different from the default, but since I am in a netcafe with some options locked I cannot do anything for that.

Is there anything that can be done? i.e. allow the separator used be determind in the xml file?

kotor tool v 1.0.1502.18035
I'll bet you're not using a us-english version of windows....

Microsoft's .NET environment, (which KT is coded in), tries to do a lot of globalization things for you (the programmer, that is) but sometimes it gets in the way. I'll bet this is one of those times.
If you send an email to the address in the readne.txt with the Exception text, I'll see what I can do.
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