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*Heimdall completes the morph, and immediatly becomes dissatified with the new body. Both his sight and hearing became impared and after a few minutes he returns to his normal shape*


*Svafa in looking for Elella finds that during the cave ins another passage to the surface had opened up. Climbing out of the mines Svafa comes to the surface and see the signs of a recent battle between Heimdall and Irvine.


Girl: I'm Gerd. Who are you?

Idun: You may call me Idun. Do you know what you are?

*Gerd looks down and sadness permates her voice*

Gerd: I'm a freak, a monster who shouldn't be alive.

*Idun embracing Gerd*

Idun: No, no honey. Your not a monster or a freak. You are very special, a gem born among ugly rocks.

Gerd: Your not going to hurt me?

Idun: No, you won't be hurt, you are safe here.

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