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so, perhabs, he isnt jesus but his evil twin??

Originally posted by SamNMax
Shutt had the nerve to use inane "words" like "****stick" and "asshat". Real cleaver.
she also said something about "holy hell", what is, of course, completely NERNERNER

also somebody should tell him that "****stick" WAS the word 1999, and therefore he IS 100% NOT uptodate. plus, in 2001, they changed it's meaning to lollypop.

but i think it made c's argument VEEERY strong and convincing. i just read "****stick" and knew shutt is right.


aahhhh. sooo..

what's next on the topic list?


- ban mek .. checked
- criticize coj's attention whoringsuicide .. checked
- randomly edit ray's posts .. checked
- play with c shutt .. checked
- praise roy .. checked
- standing ovations for joshi .. checked

.. oh.. there it is ..

- political correct boarding in negligees.

any experiences available?

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