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Well, to be honest, there are two possibilities.

Firstly, I might be Tim Schafer. That's the popular theory that's being thrown around right now. There's been some talking. Some people feel that I lurk too suspiciously. There have been accusations and emails and a whole bunch of sucking up.

Second possibility is that I'm not Tim Schafer, and that there are plenty of other suspicious lurkers in the world.

But there's also another possibility, that is the third, invisible one... Nobody has yet noticed that the first time I ever posted on the Double Fine Zone was when that thread about me/Tim was posted. How did I find it? Did I just all of a sudden decide to check out the Double Fine Zone, and happened to stumble across that thread? Or perhaps Tim Schafer emailed me the link, because he's a silent lurker. Just like my brother is.

Yes, people. The third possibility is that I'm Tim Schafer's little sister.

What the?! Little sister?! Quick, everybody suck up to me and offer me money and adoration! Maybe you can buy your way into Double Fine Heaven through Tim's Little Sister! (Suckers)

If anybody falls for this, you're dumb.

You might recognise me.
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