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Tool time

OK, I'd like to know which programs you use on your computers. I'm talking about tools that makes your work easier.

I thought about using Mozilla Firefox (, but discovered that it seems to need a lot of extensions to get me where I'm with MyIE now.

So, tell me about your browser, download manager, theme, screensaver, media players, rippers, encoders, editors...

Fraps (
Takes screenshots from anywhere you want. It also has functions to make movies and to show the frame-rate in games.

MyIE (
Adds cool features to the Internet Explorer browser (ad blocker, tabbed browsing...)

CDex (
MP3 encoder, also rips CDs and converts audio formats. It's easy to use, versatile and fast.

TextPad (
Text editor with a lot of functions. It doesn't look impressive at first, but there are a lot of nifty features to be found.

Jedi Outcast: Clouds

media player:
Windows Media Player for single files (minimal size on screen)
WinAmp 2.79 ( for playlists and OGGs...
I use the skin Glacial Age
PowerDVD ( for playing DVDs

I'm still using WinZip to unpack zipped files, but have recently installed 7-Zip ( which supports a lot more formats (like RAR).

AntiVir Personal Edition (
Freeware virus scanner (quote from the site: »Quality "Made in Germany"« )

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