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Re: hmmm

Originally posted by hgwall44
well see first of all it would be cool to clone plants since it could end the whole world hunger contraversy.
You'd still have to grow the plants normally. In fact they'd be perfectly normal, boring plants, which would have to be grown in perfectly normal, boring ways. You are confusing cloning and genetic engineering methinks.

Some psychopathic moron would come along and try to make the ultimate human, such as making him faster, stronger, and what not. You know it would happen if cloning where to go on.
Again, cloning can make only normal, boring copies. You are talking about genetic engineering here.

Reproductive cloning is just plain stupid: We've already got too many H. S. Sapiens on the planet.

Therapeutic cloning is smart: Potentially solves a lot of technical hurdles concerning organ transplants, and removes the pressure on doctors to 'secure' organs from almost-dead people.

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