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i don't know anything about the US constitution... but if seperation of the church and state isn't in the constitution then it damn well should be. You only have to look at a lot of the non-secular islamic states to see the trouble a country can get into when church and state become too closely linked.

I think the christianity thing is a bit like the reverse discrimination thing. When you have something that is way, way more widespread and powerful than anything else then it seems acceptable to treat it slightly differently. I can't see that people are saying that we should throw out all christianity for islam or anything like that. THey are just saying that we need to have less of a focus on christianity and more on other religions. This is just an attempt to add some balance, not saying that other religions are better.

With the number of attacks on minorities going up by 100s or percent since 9/11 i would support people who say there needs to be a bit more understanding and tollerance of minorities.

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