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if a film has that much of an effect on your faith then it can't have been very strong to start with. but the film has almost no bearing on the truth of the matter. Lots of people stated that they cried in ROTK, but that doesn't make it true... just well and powerfully told.

AFAIK Mel Gibson is part of a small section of christianity that has a number of very odd beliefs, including the fact that the current Pope is a heretic.

As for the bible... i take it as a collection of stories and histories mean to act as examples and guides for the people of the time (and with important messages that can still be applied today).

However, i don't take it as the literal truth. I don't think most christians do. FOr various reasons that people like Skin have stated a lot better than me, but mainly for the reason that it was written, rewritten, collected and translated by humans and at no point was it divinely created.

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