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*The Irvines come up behind the two 'brothers', with RH Irvine with a slight limp minorly caused by falling dribis hitting him, and not bothering to deal with the slight injury.*

RH Irvine "Orthos, I was right, Heimdall, Aidan and Marin are all under a spell of some sort. It's like they know who they are who everyone is, but their 'intentions' are pure hostile to everyone around them. And I wouldn't doubt to themselves if we can get them back to normal..."

WH Irvine "Yes, Heimdall slaughtered alot of innocent people, claiming it was on Irvy's hands."

WH Irvine *Bringing head down slightly in disappointment.* "There was nothing I could have done, Sure I could have gone between the shots, or attempted to move the innocents away at the last moment. But then I'd be backing myself into a corner."

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