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Originally posted by Feanaro
The Bible is the word of God. it is "God-breathed" through humans to write down exactly what it is supposed to say. So God told man what to write so therefore is true.
So why does this anthology of "god-breathed" documents have so many parallels and direct relations to Near Eastern myths, legends and stories prior to the bible's conception?

What of the documents that "didn't make the cut?" Those that weren't chosen by those that canonized the various versions of judo-christian texts? Were these less breathed upon? Or did they simply not fit the idea that the human redactors and editors had for the overall anthologies?

The presence of literary trends and patterns seems to discount the influence of a deity... if the deity was imperfect enough to allow such trends and patterns in its word, then how can its word be considered true simply because of itself.

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