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Originally posted by Feanaro
I would like to see anyone to be beaten till almost dead. Flogged so flesh is ripped from your body, and a crown of thorns shoved onto your head. To be berely recongnized as human. Then to be nailed to a cross hand and feet and placed on a hill for all to see youy die, where the only way you could breath was to actually lift yourself up while having a nail piercing your feet. All because you want people some one who has never done anything for you, or thought twice about you to live in heaven away from death and pain. And because you love them. Now if you're telling me that thats not enough for salvation, that being in agony for you and me and to not suffer as long as some think, than i'm sorry. I hope that one day understanding will come to all.
That toture was given to some of the prisoners there. Some of which probably were innocent, but were executed anyway. Did those people absolve our sins too, for going through the excact same toture as Christ, except Christ had it easier, he knew he was the son of God and would go to heaven. I imagine the other roman/jew probably doesn't have a clear indication of where he's going, making him extremely terrified and in more torture than Christ.

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