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I just wanna add a small note for the inventory editor in the utc editor(npc's) If you add a custom Item to the inventorylist It must be typed in lower case letters or it won't work in-game.

Thats all oh ya and the new Treeview organizer is Awesome

I can't wait to see what you add next Fred.

EDIT:now that the files are organized, I found a file called partymember.btc and when I open it with the gff editor I looked the fistname[CExoLocString] and it read as "Badger" and under the description[CExoLocString] IT says "The common Badger is a small but fierce mammal. Its strong forelimbs are armed with long claws, used for both digging and self-defense."

When I think of how out of place this seems I just had to laugh.

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