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You aren't cloning fully developed copies of anyone or anything... you are cloning at a celular level... whatever it is still has to grow. Basically you are almost producing an offspring, but where all the genetic material comes from one parent.

So, unless they clone you before birth, or develop some sort of growth acceleration (unlikely) there aren't going to be two of you walking around. Even if they did clone you at birth, you wouldn't both end up the same, in the same way that twins don't end up the same.

I can see very few reasonable reasons for full human cloning (especially with overpopulation already being a problem). However I'm sure there are a lot of mediacl uses such as creating additional cells, organs or even limbs which i can see as valuable.
Heck, if i am willing to donate my organs to help someone after i die (or donate blood) then i would be willing to allow someone to use me as a sample to create cloned organs to help people as well.

I didn't vote as i don't think it is a black & white issue. I think it will be like most new technologies (phone, internet etc..) in that it will have advantages and disadvantages and will be used correctly and incorrectly... but it isn't inherently evil in itself.


One interesting side thought though... would the sucessful cloning of a human individual invalidate the theory of a Soul? Either the clones would share a soul, or one would have to be created FOR the clone from somewhere. just wondered.

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