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Originally posted by toms
One interesting side thought though... would the sucessful cloning of a human individual invalidate the theory of a Soul? Either the clones would share a soul, or one would have to be created FOR the clone from somewhere. just wondered.
The concept of a soul is one that belongs to metaphysics. There doesn't appear to be any "energy" that exists within us to indicate that there is any kind of soul or independent consciousness. It's very likely that our self-awareness and "soul" is nothing more than a complex pattern of neurons bouncing about in our heads.

If a clone of a human is created, it will be every bit an individual as if it were a twin of the same person (except it's chromosomes will only come from one parent).

The creation of a cloned human will happen. It's but a matter of time. The question is: will it happen in secrecy and "underground" because of government/societal pressures; or will it occur in a recognized lab where the government can exercise a bit of control and observation?

For the latter to occur, the government is going to have to make some concessions in it's stand against the idea.

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