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Thank you; I hope it helps your efforts.

To quote something I said before:

"After determining that doing the Area editor would require some really good design decisions, I figured that I'd rather make my mistakes on something simpler. Not that dealing with GFFs of any sort is easy (just ask tk102!), but there is less to deal with (from what I can tell) in Creature files. Area definitions would benefit from a graphically-based object positioner and lots of other non-text-entry type GUI elements that I don't feel like dealing with until I feel comfortable with the GFF class implementation and interface methods."

Well, I did the UTC editor, but I am still revising the GFF class to make the whole thing more object-oriented. (This means less redudant code in each editor, like that for setting a text box from a GFF field value, for the non-programmers otu there.)

I could write an editor for GIT and ARE files, but it'd be all text entry, which doesn't work well for placing items in a 3D environment. Thus I have decided to hold off on that for now.
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