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Neil fifth favourite person on Lucasforums!!!!!!!

I think what Das is trying to say, is that the forum in question doesn't get as many posts as it should because the posting on there creates a certain vibe, and certain negativity that puts people off. If the aforementioned had the opportunity to moderate on a vibrant forum such as this, would things go so well, or would he shoot himself in the foot once too often and get reported?

On the subject of becoming a mod, whats the qualification? Someone once said you would be asked if you were particularly helpful to the community. I figured that you'd have to be level headed and impartial such as yourself, but some of the choices for mods in the past have led me to believe that it's nothing to do with skill and everything to do with wearing a hat with bull horns, baring a nipple and doing the conga?

Who did you conga with Neil??? WHO?

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