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The Forest
*The trio after gaining some more entertaining forms now sit upon a hill overlooking the village. Heimdall just finished a spell, a glowing ball sat in the palm of his hands.*

Heimdall: Similar to my mortal enemies, this will create havoc and more unrest in that feeble town.

*with a light toss the ball goes flying into the air. It covers the distance between the hill and the town quickly propelled by a super natural force.

It flies over a residential part of the town while still in the air it burst. Spreading fire over the nearby buildings*

Heimdall: Now that they have more fun to deal with. Anymore ideas?


*Svafa stands at the new entrance to the mines, looking down she can see Guy, Misea, and Elella (don't know where Hal is)*

Svafa: Hurry up, those mines may cave in any second and we need to begin the hunt.

*Svafa reaches up to touch her wound. The bleeding had stopped and dried blood covered around half of her face.*

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