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Aidan: One thing concerns me. We can't count on our former companions staying around to let us come to them. They may give us up for lost and run off to find the Time Matrix on their own.

Marin: I wouldn't worry, Aidan. We have their key, remember?

Aidan: Still, we should think about transportation. Space transportation. I don't think we'll be able to steal the Asgardried or Guy's ship. Without either of those - in case we want to go out in space - we will be very vulnerable. Assuming we find a suitable craft here.

Marin: That's simple. We just need to turn Guy to our point of view next time we see him. Until then I'd like to have a bit of fun. *She casually begins morphing, sprouting feathers* I'm going to fly over the town to scope things out. Care to join me?


((OOS: Hal is still with the group, right?))

*Guy and Misae hurry out to join Svafa aboveground. A few guards are scattered around at the mine entrance, appearing fearful*

Misae: I don't like this...

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