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the bible = the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

poison fruit

But it does make sense. What micheal111 is trying to say I believe is that the "devilry" contained in the bible taints the bible and therefore he has made the connection that the bible is the beginning of the knowledge of good and evil which in symbolic terms would make it the apple. Although I think he should be more forthcoming with his reason, namely why he thinks the good portions of the bible are tainted by the accounts of evil, the basic premise behind his assertion is very simple. Whether it is rational or logical is a different question.

Maybe what he is trying to say is shed the weight of the laws of the bible for we already know them anyways. They are in our blood so to speak. He sounds like an old time mystic in a way you know find the true path to Christ by shedding the superfluity that Christianity has acquired over the years, but then I can understand how and why most Christians would think that the true path to Jesus and God is through the bible.

Have you ever heard of the Albingensians or the Cathari; early Christian cults that were branded heretics by the Catholic church and so therefore stamped out. Maybe you know this quote by one of the generals given the task of massacreing the peoples of the Provence region in France. When asked by one of his commanders how they would know the heretics from the true believers he replied "Kill them all and let God sort them out"

A disclaimer: by writng that qoute I don't mean to imply anything about Christianity and hypocrisy. It's a quote that I have always found appallingly enjoyable.

[quote] I believe that the establishment clause is increasingly being misinterpreted to the point that its enforcement is violating the free excercise clause...

Your probably right. I personally see it as a legal tug of war between opposing views, and I can understand why it would irritate you because it restricts your freedom on the specific front it deals with. If I ever passed you on the lawn of state run institution rccar praying with a group of friends I would not be offended. But that is what it comes down to. Why do you think some people are offended to the point of legal action? You have touched on this a bit in your other posts in this thread. Truthfully it seems like dangerous waters to me. The swirling belligerance of hatred and anger swelling to the point of it's capacity. I don't think it will ever end. Tolerance and intolerance. The laws of God and the laws of man. Yes very dangerous waters indeed.

the vision of a future bliss annihilation or transcendence
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