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New legislation supporting a military draft brought before congress

The Bush administration is quietly trying to push two bills through congress S.89 and H.R.163 to ensure that their future wars against offending nations, and the protracted war on terror will succed, and they have been busy.

you can go to this site for information on the selective service systems which is the agency in the government that orginizes and runs the operation of a military draft

If you dont want to read the whole report the most interesting portion I found was the strategic goals listed on page 2

For the actual details of the 2 bills mentioned above you can go to
actually that link is for 163 but there is a link on that page for 89

If those links don't work I will try and fix them in the next 12 hours. If there not working by then a little help from someone more knowledgable would be highly aprreciated.

This is something that far exceeds the bounds that I ever thought the Bush admin would go to and it is extremly perturbing to me, although I should not have been so naive. I am curious what the rest of you think, and I also believe you have the right to know this is happening. I am pretty sure that these bills were very recently submitted to congress and I urge all of you that share my horror of this news to write your congressmen and senators and send emails to media outlets and ask them why they have failed to report on this in any meaningful way

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