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*runs around in angry circles*

I'm doing bad in goddamm chemistry so the teacher called and Im in shiit at home so I can't friccking use the computrer! RAAGGHH! I scanned tw0 SEXY picturefrsfnsdk thius morning and I'm in school now and I forgot the damnfdlks disk so I can't upploafd and I'm just so dsnmlfdsklfndsknfdsklnfkldsnfklsdnklfndsklfndlsknf kdnscm,ncmcm,ncnc djncjsncjsdncdscnncmdn,sncnsdcsmdncmsdncmnsdmncmsd ncmsndcdncncmndsmcnsmd,cndm,sncmnsdcm,dncm,nmsdcnm sdncmncmnajsjdjsjhajkdhjwehuhfheuhfihweufk23498598 430439rjeksmndlksmklzsmkcsmkclasmlc!!!!!!!!!


*looks at Guybrush*


that must do wonders for your social life!
Hawt, hawt, HAWT! (reet microsoft paint)

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