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Man posesses a wide variance when it comes to the capabilities of his actions, and his motivations for feeling a certain emotion, whether they be violent or vulgar, beautiful or profound. Man is simultaneously a beast, a seething monster in soul, a creature worthy of his inheritance, a brilliant mind. And there are many reasons for the paths that each person existing has taken. The old question: nature versus nurture. The ingrained genetic habits that are passed to us at birth. The knowledge we were given,and the knowledge we either found or attained. All of it adds up into the individual entity and the operational circumstances of our personalities.

So where does the white man come into this. Why were we so culturally bigoted as a society up until only a little while ago. My answer: it's as ancient an instinct as your likely to find in these beastly bodies of ours. Why do you think the domesticated wolf, now known as the dog, took such a liking to us. We are pack animals as well.

People that still operate on these instincts are looking out for there own, it's a piont of honor and dignity in some packs. To go against this instinct is to go against nature, but to understand that you first must know what nature is.

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