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By confusing faith and reality in their arguments, they seem to imply that their faith is true or that the facts are a matter of faith. Both of these implications are hugely offensive to the rational onlooker, because they discredit experiment and reason as the final arbitrators of conflict, and replace them with what is viewed from the outside as childish superstitions.
Then wouldn't everyone confuse faith as fact then? Not just christians on this thread. When you sit in a chair? It's not fact that it will hold you up, you have faith in that chair, that it will hold you up.
And wouldn't you say that to those that do believe in God and that Jesus rose from the dead would be offended just the same as a"rational" onlooker? with statements saying
Jesus is overated. Sure, the man may have had a few bright moments, but i can off hand name at least a couple dozen people more praise-worthy than he
Wouldn't you say your faith in this statement would be offensive to christians?

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