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[QUOTE]What is music coming to? It used to be a collection of great works of art. Now it is simply reduced to who looks more handsome, or which band is the most "in".

What is music coming to? Oh no I feel despair rising in my innards.

I have to say that the change in music that has occured in the last century has in it's begiinings a great deal to do with democracy and the breaking down of the prior eras social structure: in this case the european aristocracy and nobility shortly after WW1. Later on the major culprit was the encroachment of technology, and the creation of an extremely lucrative music industry.

As for what music is coming to today I think it has a lot to do with Dionysian principles of mass hysteria and communal bliss. People of a certain nature want to feel like they are part of something shared. They do not seek music out for there own reasons but seek in order to fulfill an expectation of some kind, and when it is not precisely sought for those reasons it is usaully otherwise sought out either in rebellion or in the search for a personal anarchy of spirit. Decadence is a great provider for the destroyer's of tradition.

And so I ask, what happens when decadence becomes the norm, the style, or type of art or music most commonly sought after? I give you a definition of decdence taken from a Webster's new world dictionary published in 1972 "A process, condition, or period of decline, as in morals, art, literature, ect; deterioration; decay:"

We need a revitalization in the realm of the spirit in all the arts. Man must rise again and shed the horrors of the past century. And there is wonderful music hidden amongst the shelves of independent music stores, and on many a web site waiting to be found.

A good one is

the vision of a future bliss annihilation or transcendence
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