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Originally posted by Feanaro
Then wouldn't everyone confuse faith as fact then? Not just christians on this thread. When you sit in a chair? It's not fact that it will hold you up, you have faith in that chair, that it will hold you up.
There are facts and there are theories (I think Gould first said this). A fact isn't necessarily some stepping stone to a theory or vice versa. They can exist independently from each other. When Einstein reworked some of Newton's theories of gravity to come up with a better one, apples didn't start floating in mid-fall and cows didn't begin flying. Gravity is a fact. Yet how we explain gravity is a theory.

That the chair will support a person is a fact based on observable evidence. One observes more chairs in a particular configuration of a particular construction that will support than will not. Therefore, it is wise to conclude that the probabilities that a chair that meets an individual's observed/learned criteria are worth the risk to sit down.

Religion doesn't meet those criteria. Particularly the bible, if you note the parallels to Near Eastern mythology that I outlined in the Bible: myth or truth thread.

Jesus Christ, in particular, doesn't meet those criteria for the reasons I mentioned elswhere (perhaps it was this thread) and ShadowTemplar mentioned above.

Originally posted by Feanaro
And wouldn't you say that to those that do believe in God and that Jesus rose from the dead would be offended just the same as a"rational" onlooker?
Perhaps. But there are some with whom it is one's duty to offend if it applies to critical reasoning and progress. Consideration of the sensibilities of others shouldn't be the reason for perpetuating ignorance as long as the remarks are not ad hominem in nature.

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