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[QUOTE] By Feanaro: Then wouldn't everyone confuse faith as fact then? Not just christians on this thread. When you sit in a chair? It's not fact that it will hold you up, you have faith in that chair, that it will hold you up.

I just dont have any faith in that argument Feanaro. It may be a trust that you put in the chair but it definately, even if you want to call it by the name of faith, does not come near to the significance of a religious faith. They are two very different things, additionally because a chair is a man made object, and if it breaks it is either the owner or the builder's fault. Now if you had the belief or the faith that the chair was standing through the power of God then it would be a different matter, but as it stands, the chair that is, as you are sitting in it, I think it is a trust that allows you to go on using it without suffering a fear of it failing you. Or Newton's law as ET mentioned.

Maybe you dont understand that faith and reality must be seperate to the rational or reasoning mind, and that faith is in a different realm seperated from the actual. Anyone that brings their faith into their reasoning is either a gambler or a beleiver in something.

Which I guess is everyone. Yes everyone operates on a faith of some kind. Maybe it has something to do with chance and the unknowable future.

But that still doesnt change the fact that there is a distinct difference between faith and reality... hmmm

but maybe faith and reality are not true opposites and they shouldnt be thought of in this manner.

S**t now I'm caught in a Cartesian loop. Skepticism leads to nothing but more questions.

Anyway, the emphsis needs to be on reality, not faith, for ones perception of the real world(no trademark) to hold sway over ones belief in the apparent world.

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