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Originally posted by toms
white males have it so much easier than ANYONE ELSE. It always makes me laugh to here white males going on about how hard life is now and how they are badly treated. rubbish.

The playing field was soooooooo uneven to start with that even a huge amount of positive discrimination has made very little dent in it. On average white males are paid more, there are more in top jobs, more in government, etc...
And how many of said white males are self-convinced that they are an inner city thug?

I'm about as white as you get, and I know a decent handful of black kids who are better off than I am and yet they still act like some hard-boiled killer.

If you walk, talk and look like a damn idiot, of course you're not going to get a job.

It even applies to rednecks. If two white guys walk in, one has a thick southern accent and the other has a reasonably flat Northern/Western accent.. who do you think will get the job? I'd put my chips on the guy without the accent in most cases.

I'm growing tired of hearing about how I'm supposed to have some enormous advantage over some black guy I've never met. I'd appreciate it if someone would point it out to me, because I sure don't see it.
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