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The Forums

Despite having promised the forum redesign for months now, it's finally being started for real. Since the forums are inevitably upgrading to vBulletin 3 once it's released, the new design has to be made specifically for that version so you will not see it until then unfortunately.

However! This is your chance to get some input on how it turns out. Basically, I want you to choose one of the above poll choices so I can get an idea of what you want. I've heard people say that they want to stick with the current dark colours, whilst others want them to match the site. So.. vote. Then we'll see.

Regardless of which scheme, the forums will be completely given an overhaul. I'm going to make a real effort to make them not look like the same old forums with different colours you see over and over, so please encourage me by at least giving me a hand with the colours.

Vote away >:

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