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I'd rather not vote at all than say I help place a libral in office, sorry. After all, just becouse Bush himself is evil, doesn't make the democrats any less evil. Before you flame me AGAIN, let me explain why I say they're evil.

They are caniveing. They don't care at all to cheat. They'll drag up stuff about someones past, wich has very little to do with there modern character, just to make them look bad. They'll do anything to win, they might even break the law in some places. They use some of the most rotten tactics I've seen.

A good example is Al Gore. Though Bush is an awful president, he did win that election fair and square, and Al Gore was such a horribly sore loser, that he drug it out by demanding recount after recount after recount. I've never seen such a discraceful man...
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