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you have to realise that when we look back at music we only really see the stuff that was good enough to stand the test of time. This is where the "it was better in my day" theory breaks down.

Along with the beatles there were probably any number of one-hit wonders and forgettable comercialised bands that were as fake, untalented and despisable as Busted. However they have disappeared from our memories a lot like many of the rubbish bands of today will do.

I would expect that when Mozart was writing his music there was a lot of drivel being written as well.

THe problem with today's music industry is a lot like many other of today's industries. It has become soo commercial, the companies have merged to become so big that no independents can break in and the media has become so entraped in a vicious circle of hype that the record industry will no longer take risks (a lot like the software industry, the film industry, the TV industry) or give bands time to become popular. They need bands that are popular BEFORE they release a single (Pop idol, bands playing schools and having tv programmes).

As i have said, hopefully the movement of music online will break some of the barriers to entry and allow a much wider exposure to music than existing media... but not if the sites are all run by the music industry.

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