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I brought this subject to the attention of a friend of mine last night and because he tried to convince me that the reinstating of a military draft would be a good thing, we got caught up in a very heated debate.

His view was based on the idea that a military draft would add an infusion of discipline into a lazy and lethargic or complacent society, and for that reason, in addition to meeting the needs the Department of Defense, it would be an action that would help more than it would harm.

Needless to say I could not agree with him, and I don't think I convinced him to perceive it from my point of view, which is unfortunate because if this bill is passed it would ultimately change the fabric of our society, because it would be extremely invasive to the lives of those people that would not wish to serve a mandatory two years in some capacity, and in this way it would obstruct our freedom to personal choice, just for the simple purpose of allowing the government to wage it's multilateral campaigns across the world.

Under the conditions or circumstances that the Bush administration is operating, namely against the war on terror, from their point of view, a military draft would solve a great many of their logistical and staffing problems, but in a free democracy one has to have the ability to boycott the actions of a government that one cannot support ideologically, and the provisions in the two bills make sure that dissent will be an extremely difficult stand to take.

I also discovered that the 2 bills were not recently introduced but instead were brought before congress on Jan. 7th 2003, or at least one of them was. Could someone tell me why a bill such as these would sit idle in the house for over a year. I'm just not sure what the significance of that is, and I would like to know.

The S.S.S. OR Selective Service System as far as I understand has sat idle for the last 30 years or so, operating in a very minimal manner. But starting in the fiscal year 2004 they were given about 54 million dollars in federal funds to begin gearing up for full operational capacity which means that someone plans for the S.S.S. to be ready to go sometime in the next year and a half. Very frightening

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