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i have another interesting life is chock full of these things. it's not as wrong as it is stupid, but it could be portrayed as an "oops did i just say that" kind of quote...i guess.

girl in my bio class: "is this banana ripe?"
another girl: "i wouldn't eat it."
girl: "well, how do i make it ripe? warm it up? cool it off?"

and here's another thing that happened:

this week at school has been the "live life well week" so today they had free breakfast in the cafeteria before school. we got our first period teacher to agree to let us go down to the cafeteria to get the leftover free food, and the first two guys came back with these huge amounts of food. so later, one of the guys peeled a banana and placed it strategically in between a green apple and an orange, which were conveniently the same size of course my english teacher was so excited about telling us about "the odyssey" since we'll be reading it shortly, that she didn't notice.

oh yeah, and the guy who did that...his name is roy.
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